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A Place At The Table

Mon 2 – Sat 7 November 7:30pm

City streets. Late night. Wet rain on the pavement.

Outside the supermarket a masked man stands in a skip tossing yellow-ticket sandwiches to an accomplice.

Further down the road families emerge from a church hall clutching carrier bags full of tins of beans and dried spaghetti.

But we’re after something to eat. The warmth of a real fire and the glow of the oven.

Welcome to the School of Improbable Cooking. No reservation? We might just squeeze you in. Where’s the kitchen? It’s right here. Can I take your coat? How about this apron? That should fit you. We look forward to working with you on your meal.

Yes, this is a restaurant like no other.You’ll need to roll up your sleeves and get involved. You could be doing anything from chopping the veg to making the bread for dinner. Tonight, we all have to earn our place at the table.

A Place At The Table is a new immersive theatre show and meal from B Arts. Do book a table as the evening sitting begins at 7:30pm sharp. Dinner is just a little later.

Join us for an experience that mixes music, food and storytelling to ask just who deserves a place at the table, what’s that on their plate, and where on earth has it come from. Scroll down for our complete FAQ guide to A Place At The Table.

Presented in association with the 2015 British Ceramics Biennial.

British Ceramics Biennial
China Hall
Ex-Spode Works

Tickets £15/£12 concession
£45 for group of 4
includes show
and full evening meal
Online ticket booking with Brown Paper Tickets here.

FAQs: Your Complete Guide To A PLACE AT THE TABLE

What is A Place At The Table?
It’s a theatre performance taking place from Monday 2 – Sat November 7 at 7:30pm in the cafe at the British Ceramics Biennial.

But there’s also food?
That’s right. As part of the show the audience get involved in making their own evening meal. Soup, main course and dessert. You’ll be in the capable hands of skilled chefs and cooks who will guide you through the recipes and preparation. So don’t have your tea before you come.

What’s the show about?
Food! Who has it, who doesn’t. Where it comes from and what it tastes like. How you make it and what it’s worth.

OK, but what’s the story.
Vadim – the head of The School of Improbable Cooking – is a chef with a problem. Is his work just about finding the most exotic new tastes for his training restaurant? Or does food mean more than style and fashion? To find some answers he sets out on a quest that takes him from Stoke to France and Syria. Along the way he encounters some naughty kitchen spirits, seeks advice from food scientists, and attends the court of the Queen of Tarts herself.

Tell me more.
There’ll be songs. Original and traditional live music including a showstopper baking song from Eastern Europe. Anyone who’s seen B Arts previous shows The Lost Post Office, Harvest or Clay will know that their shows are stuffed full of humour, puppetry, music and lots of participation.

Can I bring my kids?
It’s an evening show with some grown-up content, so over 14 is fine.

I might get thirsty.
We’ll be welcoming you with a hot drink, and there’s water throughout the evening. If you want to get into the spirit of a pop-up restaurant then do Bring Your Own.

How do I book?
We have an online ticketing system and the link to book is here:


Tickets cost?
£15.00 full, £12.00 concessions and if there are four of you you can buy a group ticket for £45. The ticket includes a three-course evening meal and a drink as well as the performance.

Dietary requirements?
All of the show ingredients are vegetarian. There will be vegan options so let us know in advance if you can. Other allergies please let us know.

How do I keep in touch:
We’ll be posting daily about the show on the B Arts and Bread In Common pages and at @_barts and @bread_in_common on Twitter. So make sure you like and follow us.

I’ve still got a question
Email us at info@b-arts.org.uk or post onto our Facebook Page BArtsStoke.