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Screening of Chester P’s film about homelessness with talk from local hip-hop artist and activist Will “JD” Sayer.

7:00pm Saturday March 25th
YMCA North Staffordshire
Harding Road
Stoke-on-Trent ST1 3AE
United Kingdom

The film is Directed by Greg Hall who has proved himself a force among the indie directing scene with award winning feature films with important and poignant social commentaries such as Communion, SSDD and The Plague. Along the way Chester speaks with organisations such as Focus E15, The New Era Estate Tenants, London Black Revs and the Love Activists, as well as an interview with his brother and fellow music artist Farma G. This is the first feature film release from up and coming indie producer, Andrew Boateng from Tripwire Productions and co produced by Tom Walder.

With all the depth and poeticism you would expect, Chester P presents the documentary, meeting a number of different organisations and normal people standing up for themselves against the debilitating austerity cuts and evictions to make way for unaffordable housing sold for profit. Along the way, he runs a campaign ‘Chester P for Mayor’, through which he raised enough money to but hundreds of sleeping bags, socks and other essential. He later goes on to hand these out to people on the street over Christmas, in an attempt to make even just a few peoples days a little easier. Dispersed throughout are reflections from Chester about his experiences and beliefs that shed some light on his history and personal life, and you can’t help but go away from this film feeling touched and inspired to help those less fortunate than yourself.

Alongside the documentary, Chester P has also released a new LP online, the REAL TALK COMPILATION with a number of original tracks, some inspired by the events in the documentary. All proceeds from the sale of this LP are also going towards aiding the homeless, having raised over £3000 already from the record sales and the film premier. The LP is available for purchase online from Real Talk Records.

Hosted by Martin Gooding, founder of CULT: Hip Hop Stoke on Trent and host of Hip Hop evening.

Ticket £5.00/3/50 – ticket booking details here.