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ARTIST Commission Opportunity

Stoke 100 is a new event celebrating the diversity of cultures that make up North Staffordshire, with a particular focus on Stoke-On-Trent.

The pilot event is planned for Saturday 30th March 2019 in Northwood Park.

The 2019 event takes its inspiration from spring traditions around the world, including Basant Panchami celebrations which include the making and flying
of kites.

To support with this we are looking to commission an artist-maker(s). The deadline for applications is 04/01/2019 at 12noon and successful applicant(s) will be notified on 08/01/2019.


Volunteer opportunities

Ever wondered what it is like to volunteer at B arts? This picture shows just one example of what might be in store if you become a B arts volunteer - you could end up performing in a secret nuclear bunker! Here we have Oliver Sherlock on one of his very first days as a volunteer at B arts, he jumped right in and gave a cracking performance for one of our Hush Hush Cinema events.

If performing isn't your thing, never fear there are plenty of other opportunities to help out and volunteer here at B arts. In the past volunteers have cooked pizzas in our mobile pizza oven, made set for shows, helped with costume, sold bread, baked bread, made lanterns, created carnival images and so much more.

Do give us a ring or drop us an email, we're always looking to meet new people and add to our volunteer team.


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