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Working creatively for change since 1985

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B arts (Beavers Arts ltd) is a combined and participatory arts organisation founded in 1985. We have a long track record of delivering multi-disciplinary arts projects mixing site specific theatre; carnival; lanterns; animations; textiles; food, eco-construction; gardening and more.


Our vision is of a society where everyone has an equal chance to take part, and by taking part can make change for the better in themselves, their place and their communities. Since 2016 we have engaged 25,361 people in arts projects and displayed our work to audiences totalling 27,218 people. Our aim is to improve the lives of people and the places in which they live through creative and cultural interventions.

We employ artists in work that is intelligent, thoughtful and contributes to a process of cultural democracy, and since 2016 we have employed 230 artists and involved 171 volunteers in producing our work.

We work locally, nationally and internationally. In 2014 we moved into an ex-industrial building in Stoke on Trent and created a new front door for the organisation with our community led real bread bakery, Bread in Common.

We are an arts and educational charity based in Stoke-on-Trent: a city of 250,000 that faces many challenges


The city grew up around the twin industries of ceramics and coal mining. Both industries contracted at the end of the twentieth century, leaving a legacy that includes high levels of under-employment, poor educational attainment, low average wage levels and an urban landscape blighted by empty retail and industrial units and housing voids.

Our work seeks to contribute positively to addressing these issues while remaining rooted in high-quality engagement processes and cultural and social outcomes. Our work is highly participatory and communities are co-creators in our work. We work in community spaces, green spaces, streets and non-arts venues.

Image credits: Natalie Willatt


We are an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation - a network of arts and cultural organisations that reach diverse audiences with high quality work. We bring our experience of the arts and education to make positive contributions to cultural developments and cultural leadership in our city.

Staff Team
Susan Clarke – Executive Director
Rebecca Frankenberg – Creative Producer
Hilary Hughes – Creative Producer
Siobhan McAleer – Bakery Manager
Chris Twigg – Company Manager

Associate Artists
We have a network of professional artists and support workers who we call upon to help devise and deliver high quality engagement programmes involving arts and creative activities:

Behjat Abdulla, Emily Andrews, Martin Brockman, Iwona Bajger, Sarah Bonam, Natalie Brown, Steve Cooling, Dallit Fischman, Joe Fleming, Dan Fox, Martin Gooding, Saul Hewish, Freres Poussiere, Martin Gooding, Aidan Jolly, Said Karimi, Mary Keith, Anne Kinnaird, Rebecca Kremer, Siobhan McAleer, Wendy Meadley, Jim Mycock, Holly Norcop, Richard Redwin, Diane Rowles, Caroline Scott, Lotika Singha, Isla Telford, Sujen Walker, Toby White, Peter Wilshaw, Carl Wilson, Francesca Wheeler, Natalie Willatt, Lei Xiaoyu (Greenie)